Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Essence brushes ( + Bloom Me Up tools )

Through the years I got a decent amount of Essence brushes. Most of their brushes are really good and the price is more then acceptable. I always find that Essence limited edition are way better then their regular brushes ( with few exceptions ) and it would be amazing if they could have a regular brushes as good as their limited edition ones. It would be so much easier for all of us, don't you agree? Every time I see brushes in Trend Edition previews I know that they will be gone before most people even see them...I finally got everything that I wanted from Bloom Me Up tools but it wasn't easy...haha. So, pretty please Essence give us something like that in your regular range!
I'm happy with all Essence brushes that I have and I use all of them ( more or less ). Here is what I have:

Face brushes

Every thing here is new except Soul Sista kabuki. I'm so happy that I got face brushes from Bloom Me Up tools because they are really great and I've been using them all the time since I got them. If you want to know more about my impressions just scroll down a little but :)

Here is Bloom Me Up and Soul Sista side by side. They are both very pretty and even though they look the same and they are approximately the same density Bloom Me Up is softer so you can use it for blush or loose powder while I find that Soul Sista is best for loose powder.

Eyeshadow brushes

I love Essence eyeshadow brushes. First two brushes on the photo are from regular range and they are amazing. The purple one is here for years and I have few of those. The pink one is one of new Essence products but it is actually the same thing. Beside Ecotools my favorite eyeshadow brushes, plus they are cheap so you can afford few of them. I would definitely recommend Essence regular brush to everyone.
From Bloom Me Up tools I have large and small eyeshadow brush. The large one is little bit bigger then regular and a bit thicker. Very good product but if you missed this one no need to cry about it because you can always get regular one :) 
To find out more about small eyeshadow brush click here :)

Blending brushes

Purple blending brush is probably one of most popular products, I have it ever since it first came out and it is great. I have few of them and I will probably buy few more in future. With new range of products this spring Essence came out with another blending brush. It is big and fluffy and it is so easy to work with it. Down side of this brush is that hair is falling of...I noticed immediately when I bought it because hair is going away all the time. When you go trough it with your finger, when you wash it and even when you use it. I honestly hope that would stop because if it continues in few weeks there will be no more hair left. So time will tell.

Bloom Me Up tools

So I finally put my hands on the rest of Bloom Me Up brushes that I wanted. I was kinda crazy with going to my local drugstores last few weeks but I'm not sorry at all. They are mine now! 

The brushes look pretty and just by looking at them you can see that they are good quality. I love them all and it would be too hard to decide which one is my favorite. 

Blush brush - large

Beautiful purple blush brush is big, dense and you can use it for blush or loose powder. Whatever you like. I'm using it for blush and it is great. It is easy to work with it, it is easy to apply and blend your blush. Great brush to have around.

Blush brush - small

Another blush brush  great for different use. Great for blush ( I finally found perfect tool for this ) but it can also replace your stipple brush. This is actually something in between of blush and stipple brush and I definitely need more of brushes like this one in future. You need it too :D

Concealer blush

Now this is something I wanted to skip but then I bought it just because I knew I could feel sorry later. That was a good decision because this thing is awesome. Amazing for blending concealer or liquid foundation and so easy to use. Now that I tried this brush I realized that I need some kind of beauty blender in my collection :D

Eyeshadow brush

I already told you that I really love this brush and I will say again that this is definitely a good buy.  

Here are four brushes together, you can see the size difference:

I hope you will find something in this post helpful and that you share my love for Essence brushes. Do you have any? Would you recommend something?


  1. Divno :-) Kod nas malo kasne, i trebale su danas doci. Sutra idem po njih, nadam se da su dosle, jako mi se svidjaju. Ali kod nas izgleda nisu uvezli ljubicasti kabuki. :-(

  2. Jaz sem si samo za senčila želela, pa sem jih žal zamudila :/ ah well.. better luck next time I guess :)


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