Saturday, June 7, 2014

The end of season: Once Upon A Time, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Arrow and 2 Broke Girls

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time had a pretty good season. Season 3 was divided in two parts, first part was all about Peter Pan and Neverland and the second part was about Wicked Witch Of The West. At first I wasn't into Neverland but with each episode the story got more interesting. They had one of those great character connections and I found myself excited about the show again. After Neverland part was done the included Wizard Of Oz into the story and I loved it. Hopefully they will continue with all the good things in next season. The thing that is tricky is that every now and then somebody is trying to curse them and they are traveling between worlds so I just hope they don't get lost long way.
In the end I have to mention that I totally ship Emma and Hook :)

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries used to be my favorite show. Now I watch it but I don't enjoy it at all. There were few good episodes in season 5 but overall this season was a mess. It is clear that they are out of ideas and now only question is who will die and then come back to life...and you know there will be some badass character from the past seeking revenge / immortality. Well, we have seen everything before and it is not interesting any more.

The Originals

The Originals is the only new show I started watching past TV season. It is The Vampire Diaries spinoff so you know I had to. First of all I love that TVD mood where everything is little bit dark and mystical. The story was really good together with characters. New characters fit in really well with our Original family and they keep the story interesting. At one point of the season, somewhere in the middle I was so annoyed with TVD that I stopped watching Originals. After a little while I got back to it and really enjoyed the rest of the season. There was great first season and I'm really looking forward to the season 2. In the end it is impossible not to compare The Originals with The Vampire Diaries. Well, at the moment The Originals is a better show. It's interesting and fresh while The Vampire Diaries time has passed although nothing is better then first two seasons of TVD :)


Before Arrow season 2 started I wasn't sure if I want to continue to watch the show because season 1 was good but maybe not my cup of tea. I watched first few episodes and I actually liked it, season 2 is probably better then the first one in my opinion. It is like they figured out what they want to do with the story and things got better, story was more connected and interesting. Arrow is still not among my favorite shows but I like it and I will probably continue with season 3,

2 Broke Girls

In the end of this small recap is the only sitcom I watched ( beside How I Met Your Mother ) this season is 2 Broke Girls. As much as I want to like this show I can't. I do love 2 broke girls in this story but I find every other character very annoying. It seems that anyone with fake accent can get the part in the show. Also all the characters are stereotypical and most times they are annoying  instead of funny. I doubt I will watch 2 Broke Girls next season.

Do you watch any of these shows? How did you like them?


  1. Prvu i trecu gledam i volim, drugu samo gledam a zadnje dve sam nekad gledala :)
    The Night Shift? Crossbones? Sami pocetak ali obecavaju :)

    1. Ja imam neki problem sa prestankom gledanja :) Kako god okreneš ja nastavim i onda nemam vremena za nešto drugo. The Night Shift sam vidjela promo i super mi izgleda!

  2. I watched Vampire Diaries but I don't think I'll watch the next season, I totally agree with everything you said, somebody dies-they try to get him back-blah blah-boring!


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