Monday, June 9, 2014

I Love...shower creams


I Love... cosmetics is a bath, body and beauty brand from Great Britain. My first touch with it was last year, first I saw it on  beauty blogs and then after a while I saw them in stores. Colorful bottles got my attention and they smell so good :) I decided to try it! The bottles probably look familiar to you, there are few other brands that have almost exactly the same thing ( Philosophy, Treacle Moon, The Body Shop ). Full size bottles are 500 ml which can last you good amount of time. Each bottle has a cute little description of the scent.

The bottles are easy to work with, they have flip flop cap with small opening so you don't have to worry that too much product will go out. It can be use for bubble bath or showering. The texture is creamy and they smell really, really good. After you take a shower with I Love... you skin will also smell that good but I only wish it would stay on my skin little bit longer. I have few in my stash right now. I have full size of Juicy Watermelon ( well, that one is almost gone ) and Mango & Papaya, I also have small 100 ml bottle of Vanilla & Almond and that is my favorite scent of three.

In conclusion these are really nice products, they are good quality, they look pretty and can last for a while. They do not cause any bad skin reaction which is sometimes a problem for me. I Love... shower gels are not the best shower gels I tried, they probably fit somewhere in the middle but I don't have anything bad to say about them. I will probably buy them in future.


  1. Imala sam taj gel tj. kupku od manga, bas lijepo mirise, ali nije me nesto odusevila. Imala sam jos i od borovnice i vanilije ( ali ona varijanta sladoled od vanile ), ali ono sto mi je najbolje i sto cesto kupujem je losion za tijelo na pumpicu od te vanile. Bukvalno je kao sladoled. :-)

    1. Mene su privukli izgledom pa sam morala isprobat :) Gelovi nisu loši al nikako nešto najbolje što sam koristila. Trenutno imam njihov losion od maline i kupine i on mi je odličan.


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