Sunday, June 22, 2014

Empty #15

Avon Care Paraffin Hand Cream - one of my favorite products lately in cutest packaging. I will definitely repurchase this cream in future.

Balea liquid soap - I usually buy Balea soap, different scent every time.

I Love...Juicy Watermelon shower cream - nice product but I'm not sure if I want to repurchase it. If I do it will be different scent, not because this one is bad, because there are so many other beautiful scents. To find my thoughts about I Love...shower creams click here.

Aveo Into The Wild shower gel - I buy Aveo shower gels a lot and I will continue to do that in future.

Avon Natural Rose - I loved this product! Read more here.

S.Oliver Woman fragrance - my everyday fragrance that I really like. It was a gift but also something I would buy myself.

Valentino Rock'n'Rose - Beautiful perfume I had for years. My favorite time to use it was spring.

Essence My Yellow Fellow - my favorite yellow nail polish. I had it for few years and painted my nails so many times with it. It is sad it is gone but I have few very similar shades so I'm not gonna complain about it too much.

Avon Moroccan Agran Oil - Great product. I already have a new bottle. Read more about it here.

Loreal mini conditioner - I love these and somehow I always have them around. You can get them with Loreal Casting Hair color ( another product that should be in my Empties but I didn't saved the box for the post )

What is in your empties?

1 comment:

  1. i love this avon cream (so cute <3) and oil for hair ( i used it for nails too)


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