Tuesday, June 17, 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Metallic

Task for day 8 of 31 Day Nail Art Challenge is Metallic. Metallic is not my favorite finish, I always prefer shimmery and cream so when I was thinking about what nail polishes to use I thought that I don't have big choice in my stash. When I actually went to find colors that first came to my mind: Catrice Oh My Goldness! and Essence Stamp Me!Silver I've noticed that I have more then few metallic nail polishes to choose from. I went with my first idea but I also found nail polishes that I haven't used for a while and I really think I should change that. So very soon there will be more metallic on my nails! Anyway, this is the mani I came up with for the challenge. Simple diagonal manicure with polka dots.

I used: Catrice Oh My Goldness! and Essence Stamp Me! Silver

This is how my manicure looks like without flash:

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