Monday, June 2, 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Blue

Time to show you my mani for day 5 of 31 Day Nail Art Challenge! I did my Blue manicure with two nail polishes and I decided to do saran wrap mani. Very easy, looks cute and last time I did it was long time ago.

I used: Essence Speed Of Light Blue as base color and Essie Bouncer It's Me as my other color.

Now is also a good time to show you my swatch of Essie Bouncer It's Me. I have it since last summer but I've never posted about it. It is a beautiful, rich blue nail polish. On picture bellow I have 3 coats because it is a bit sheer but if you apply white nail polish under it is more opaque and it is brighter. However, here is how it looks alone when you apply 3 coats:

Do you like blue manis? What is your favorite blue nail polish?

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