Thursday, June 19, 2014

Madly Kenzo Kiss'n'Fly

If you looking for beautiful, summery fragrance Madly Kenzo Kiss'n'Fly might be a thing for you. I got it last summer and I really love it! The fragrance is floral, light and fresh so it is perfect for warm days. These days I reach for it more then usual. It is also long lasting. Madly Kenzo Kiss'n'Fly is launched in summer of 2013 and it is limited edition so now it could be harder to find it but it is very similar to original version Madly Kenzo. 

Top notes of Madly Kenzo Kiss'nFly are pear, lychee and grapefruit. Middle notes are floral: jasmine, lily and freesia. Base notes are soft musk and cedar. As you can see this floral - fruity combination is made for summer and if you like light, summery fragrance you will enjoy this one too!

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