Monday, November 7, 2016

November nail art challenge: Mermaid

After I finally finished September nail art challenge I'm just in time for November challenge. Again from the same Instagram account. I'm enjoying these challenges because without it I would probably never do nail art and I started to really miss it ,so this is great for me. Also, these challenges are amazing because there is only eight themes each month which is not impossible to do. Although I have to say September challenge was a challenge for real because it took me so much more time than I thought it would. But better late then never, right?
Now let's look at my first mani. I love it so much, it turn out better then I expected. The theme was Mermaid. All I actually did was apply base color (Essence Bella ) and applied different color dots. I love this so much that I want to do it in different colors as well.

I used: p2 Adorable, p2 Seductive, Essece Bella, Essence Chuck, Maybelline City Smoke and China Glaze Snow

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