Friday, July 15, 2011

Swatch: Essence TE Ballerina Backstage blush, Nails in style foil set and Meet me nail polishes

Essence LE Ballerina Backstage and Nails in style came into my local drugstore few days ago and they are almost sold out. I manage to catch blush souffle from Ballerina Backstage, I also wanted black nail polish but it was gone. From Nails in style I have 03 Style me pretty nail transfer foil set. 
Few days ago when I was in same store and  I was about to leave  but I saw Meet and I decided to take another look at the collection. All the items from TE were 50% off, so you can guess that I had to take something, I pick three nail polishes. I have no self control when it comes to makeup :D

Ballerina Backstage: Prima ballerina blush souffle

I love Prima ballerina blush souffle. It is very pretty soft and delicate pink. On the picture above, with the blush on my hand you can't see much because it is almost impossible  to take a good picture. It is much more visible in real life then on the picture. You get 6,1 g in the bottle.

Nails in style 03 Style me pretty

This is first time that I'm in touch with nail foils, I never tried to do nail art with it and it will be interesting do see what can I do with it. Other colors you can get are purple and silver, I choose only pink because first I want to see how will this work, if I like it I will maybe look for the other colors as well. Good thing is that on the back of the box you have instructions, which will make whole thing easier. Down side of this product is that it is really small as you can see on the picture above. Foil is somewhere around 40 cm.

Meet nail polishes

From left to right: Prism@tic white, Blue ray and Lil@c

First one that I tried is Lil@c. Well, there is no much holografic effect in it but it does changes color depending on the light. The color is purple but it goes to blue and gray. 

Prism@tic white

As soon as I try the last polish, I will update this post with pictures.

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