Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bourjois 10 days no chips nail polish - number 17

Here is swatch of Bourjois 10 days nail polish. Colors are sorted by numbers, this one is number 17. Color is very pretty, something I was looking for during the winter. I finally found it and maybe this in't the shade that will be among my favorites this summer but I know as soon as cold days come it will be on my nails very often. Full name of this nail polish is Bourjois 10 days no chips. Well, idea was great but reality is little bit different. To tell you the truth when I decided to buy this nail polish I wasn't thinking about it because in my opinion is really hard to find a nail polish that will last for 10 days so I was just looking at the color. But the polish did last on my nails for 4 days witch is good because usually most of nail polishes last for about 2-3 days on my nails. Other specificity of this nail polishes is the brush. It's little bit different then the others and it helps you to be quicker and more precise when you are applying the polish.

Here are the rest of the colors from this collection:

Very soon you can expect swatch of color number 11.

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  1. I absolutely adore this color!! It reminds me of one of my favourite nail polishes right now with a little bit more of a pink tint to it!! Never tried bourgeois nail polish but the bottles are so cute!!


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