Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shakira in Zagreb!

It has been almost two months since Shakira's concert in Zagreb. I wanted make a post about it sooner but all the pictures were on my friend's computer. Finally I have the all here and I can show them to you. This was first time to see Shakira's live show. I was very excited about it and wondering how will her show look like. When we came to Zagreb Arena we were surprised how close we are to the stage, and I was happy because we will be able to see Shakira and hole show so close. After we seen the show I can say that Shakira is really amazing dancer and singer...and she looks sooo beautiful. My favorite performance was Waka waka. There was only one thing I didn't liked...I think that the show was too short. She was singing maybe 80 minutes, which I find little because you expect little bit more from someone like her...and my favorite song Underneath your clothes wasn't on playlist :( but other then that it was a one amazing show!

Her are the pictures:

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