Sunday, June 5, 2011

When nothing goes right, go left!

It was Friday, late afternoon. I didn't had any plans for the day and I was home alone. I can't remember when  was  last time that I was bored like that. I decided to do something...but the problem was what will that be??? I was thinking about making some interesting meal or a drink. My decision at the end was:  since I am not hungry I will make cocktail drink for myself :) Here it is:

After I realized I that I will make myself a cocktail drink I had anther problem. I don't have almost anything to mix, but I decided do work with what I have at the moment anyway :) I went online to find some You Tube videos about making cocktails with whisky. After watching 5-6 videos I made something in my mind and it was time to start!

This is what I used: The Famous Grouse  Finest Scotch Whisky, fresh lemon, water, sugar, and ice.

The thing that I saw in almost every video was sugar syrup, which you can make by yourself like this:
1 spoon ( or 1 cube) of sugar melt in water ( also 1 spoon)

When sugar melted in water that was the first thing I pored in glass. After that I added ice and lemon twist ( mine didn't looked as good as ones on YT videos, but never mind). When I did that I mixed everything with spoon and then I pored whisky (first I pored it in the little glass you see in picture above and then in the glass with sugar syrup, ice and lemon twist - that was my measure). After I added just a little bit of water and squeezed lemon. Again I mixed everything with a spoon...and that was it!!!  I didn't know what to expect but in the end it tasted really good and what was most important it made my day much, much better!

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