Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Swatch: Essence TE You Rock eyeshadow palette and lipstain

For a long time there was no Essence Trend Edition in my local drugstores and now suddenly they are here in same time. I was surprised when I saw You Rock collection, what was even better was that all the product were there and I could choose what ever I want. As you can see I picked eyeshadow palette and lipstain.

Here is closer look at eyeshadow palette Rock Chick's Palette:

As you can see you get six eyeshadows ( 2,4 g each ), eye pencil, eyeshadow applicator and a mirror.
Now here is the picture of all eyeshadows on my hand. You can see that they are not very pigmented but they look little bit better on my hand then on the picture. If you want to use them it is good to have eyeshadow base first, I did that and everything was great. This eyeshadows were on my eyes all night long.

Here is Let Me In Rose lipstain
This is the first lipstain I have so I can't compere in whith anything but for now I can say that I really like this product and this probably isn't the last lipstain I will own :)


  1. Oh, I want the lipstain so much!! A quick tip for lipstains: apply lipbalm 10mins before you apply the lipstain so that your lips are moisturized but not greasy. If your lips are chapped it'll look bad and if you have lipgloss on the lipstain won't last. That's what I generally do with lipstains and it works.

  2. Thanks for the tip Natalie! I will try it!! xo


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