Friday, June 24, 2011


There is something new in world of Harry Potter. It is called Pottermore. Pottermore is free web site that builds an exciting online experience around the reading of Harry Potter books. Pottermore will be opened in October but you can submit your email address now and maybe you will be lucky enough to get early access to the page. I am huge Harry Potter fan and I was very happy when I heard about this page, we don't know exactly how will this web site look like and what is going to be on it but knowing J.K.Rowling I know it will be something great, full of imagination and it will probably be place for all Harry's fans to come together. You can look at the clip bellow and hear what is J.K.Rowling saying about Pottermore. What I really like is that this seams to be her idea and her project and that sounds promising :) Because everything she does is really amazing, I love how she is pays attention to every little detail and she doesn't let anyone to mess with brand of Harry Potter.She makes sure everything related to Harry comes out authentic and real...... ok, if you haven't noticed yet I honestly adore this woman and I could go on and on, but enough of is the video! Enjoy!

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