Thursday, June 16, 2011

Swatch: Essence TE Blossoms etc.

Here is little something about Essence Trend Edition Blossoms etc. This is beautiful pastel collection which came into stores in April, for some reason it came into my country two months later. But now when it is here it doesn't matter :) My favorites from this collection are nail polishes :)

First lats have a better look at multi color powder called Flower Power. I have to admit that the main reason I bought this product is because it looks so pretty. I remember that Catrice had something similar few months ago and I wasn't into it at all, but this one is just too cute. I've been using it few times since I have it, I used it as a highlighter and as eyeshadow. It works very well.

Lip gloss Flower Kissed. I can't get enough of lip glosses, I really love this one. I love that soft pink color on my lips.

Now my favorite part of this collection. I have three nail polishes from this collection , I love pastel colors and I am very happy with this polishes. I think that that I will use them a lot his summer. My favorite is the one that I didn't want at first My Yellow Fellow, but when I saw it I had to have reminds me on Mellow Yellow which came with new Essence products in March but this one has shimmer inside, and the other one don't. Blue one is called Forget Me Not and the purple one is Bloom A Loom.

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