Friday, September 30, 2011

Swatch: Essence Blue Addicted, Time For Romance and Make It Golden

Last week new Essence product finally arrived. I was anticipating nail polishes the most, especially three nail polishes in this post. They have some interesting product that I will probably try in future...translucent loose powder is first on my list :) But now let's talk about these glitter beauties. When I saw Essence press photos with all the new products, glitter nail polishes caught my eyes. I was looking forward to them, although I thought that they will work only as toppers. But I decided to try them alone. So these pictures are without base color and I can say that I am very surprised how good they look alone with just 2 coats. 

I had some trouble with the pictures, all of these nail polishes look better in real life. Colors in real life are stronger and all the shimmer and the glitter is more visible.

Blue Addicted

I'm not the biggest fan of blue nail polishes but when I saw this one I knew that I have to have it. You can see at the pictures how it looks with 2 coats and without base color. I was almost certain that I'm wasting my time by using Blue Addicted without base but in the end it came out perfect. I love, love, love how it is really beautiful and eye catching. The bottle is 5 ml like all the Color and go bottles. I had some problems when I was applying this nail polish to my nails, it was really difficult and the reason for that was the brush. I think that this isn't common problem with this nail polish, I think that the problem is with this particular brash. Some of the hair on this brush is not vertical like the hair should is little bit aslant which makes applying little bit difficult because there is huge amount of product on the brush. It is not a huge problem I just have to be little bit patient and go slow...but it was little bit annoying. However that won't make me stop using Blue Addicted, it is too beautiful :)

Time For Romance

I think that Time To Romance is my favorite from these three polishes. I applied 2 coats, next time I will probably add third coat because it will look little bit better even though it looks great with 2 coats. Picture is little bit washed. Applying Time To Romance was very easy, there were no problems at all. Time To Romance lasted 4 days on my nails, I didn't use the top coat but the top coat will probably make this nail polish lasting even longer.

Make It Goledn

Make It Golden is very pretty nail polish, but I think that this one will look better with base color. Is not bad alone but base color will make all the beautiful golden glitter pop. Good thing is that with golden glitter there are so many possibilities because it will look great with neutral, bright or dark colors.  When you look at the pictures you see the parts that are translucent, the reality is that they are not. They are golden too...because there is golden shimmer. I guess that the flash on my camera was to strong.


  1. meni nekako time for romance baš nije legao, boja mi je preneodređena :-(
    ali blue addicted je fantastičan *.*
    do make it golden još nisam došla ;-)

  2. Prelepi suuu :) Mada sam mislila da je Time For Romance nekako lepši...
    Jedva cekam da dodju i kod nas u Srbiju :)

  3. Time for romance je uživo ljepši. Na slici izgleda pomalo isprano, nikako nisam mogla uhvatiti da bude realna boja.

  4. uzela sam plavca, a moracu i zlacanog i time for romance :) opsednuta sam sljokama u poslednje vreme :D


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