Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nikita, Gossip girl, Glee and Grey's anatomy promos

In only two weeks new episodes of our favorite TV shows are coming! Here are some of the promos that came out lately.

 First Nikita, remake of famous TV show from 90's Nikita La Famme. I was like so many others very suspicious about this show because you can't just make remake of Nikita that easily but when I saw this show I was very surprised. It is actually very good and I was glad when I heard that Nikita 2010 is approved for Season 2. Here is promo for new episode!

Gossip girl Season 5 will also start very soon. Here are few pictures from the set.

Here is preview of CW TV shows all together...Gossip girl, Vampire diaries, Secret circle, Heart of a Dixie, Nikita, 90210 are some of them.


Glee is coming back with Season 3. The cast of Glee made a cover for David Bowie's song Fashion for Fashion Night Out. Here is music video:

Grey's anatomy

There is Grey's anatomy Season 8 promo for two hour premiere. It will be interesting to see what will happen this season and also I wonder is Season 8 last season of Grey's anatomy. Patrick Dempsey announced that this season is his last and some other actors gave us a hint that they may be leaving the show too. All that and the fact that Grey's anatomy has 7 successful seasons behind makes me think that maybe this show should come to and end...but we will see, who knows what could happen.

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