Friday, September 23, 2011

Rihanna's street style

Rihanna is one of biggest female stars and one of the most popular singers. She is known about her catchy songs, fabolous hairstyles and her sense of style. I decided to dedicate a post to Rihanna's street style. The thing I like about Rihanna's style  is that she is always full of surprises. As soon as you used to one hairstyle she has, she is already on to another. When it comes to fashion she always has some interesting choices. On the red carpet she will be the girl rocking Dior better then anyone and her street style is all about mix and mach. I always like to check out what she is wearing even though my style is very different then Rihanna's and I probably wouldn't wear most of her outfits but I really like how Rihanna has fun with fashion and  isn't afraid of it.

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