Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New TV shows for 2011

TV shows are back in just few days. Season 2011/12 will be very interesting because there will be so many new TV shows. It will be interesting to see witch ones will win hearts of viewers and which one will never see Season 2. I have seen so many promos and trailers and I have few favorites that I will check out as soon as they start...but because I already watch too many TV shows I don't think I will be able to watch them all. You never know, maybe some of these new ones wins my TV loving heart and some shows that I currently watch fall?? out. If you are TV show lover like me you know what I am talking about right now...haha...and if you're not you probably think that I am crazy. Well you are not the only one...but what can I do...Now let's see some of the new shows coming this fall.

The Ringer

This is the TV show that I will definitely check out. Promo looks great and the fact that Sarah Michelle Geller is back is enough for me :)

Hart of a Dixie

I will be very surprised if I don't like this show. When I heard that Rachel Bilson is lead role I went to see the promo and I loved it. I can't wait to see Hart of a Dixie.

The secret circle

 Another show that seams to be great, but in the same time it can be dissapointnting We will see...I hope it tuns out to be good...

Once upon a time

2 Broke girls

Terra Nova

 This is the show that is expected for a very long time, can't wait to see it.

Pan Am

The Playboy Club


Charlie's angels

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