Thursday, September 8, 2011

Essence TE Natventurista + Essence on sale

Essence Trend Edition came into my local drugstore, when I went there I thought that I will find Urban messages but instead I found Natventurista. You can see in picture above all the products. Everything looks pretty but in the end I took home only two nail polishes. In this collection beside the makeup there are some cute accessories...I was looking at all of them but somehow they look too summery for me and I didn't take anything. 
Here are my two nail polishes You're My Dragonfly Sugar and  Mother Earth Is Watching You

By now I only tried Mother Earth Is Watching You, as soon as I try the other one I will update this post with picture. You can see on The picture how Mother Earth Is Watching You looks like. I really love this nail polish, because most of my nail polishes are bright and those were the colors that I had on my nails most of this summer. This neutral color is nice refreshment. I love the color, it looks great when you apply it to your nails.It also drys quickly and it will be very helpful when I'm in hurry and I have to do my nails. The bottle contains 8 ml of product.

UPDATE: You Are My Dragonfly Sugar is the second nail polish from Natventurista TE that I have. I was very satisfied with Mother Earth Is Watching You and I think I will wear it a lot. You Are My Dragonfly Sugar is pretty nude  peach color with little bit of glitter and flakes but it doesn't cover very well. You can look the picture bellow and you will see how it looks with 3 coats, as you can see even with 3 coats the coverage isn't perfect. It would probably looked better with one more coat but I wan't in the mood anymore so I left it the way is with 3 coats. I was thinking to try it as a topper on some other nail polish...if I try that I will let you know how it looks.  Same as Mother Earth Is Watching You in this bottle you get 8 ml of product.  This nail polish drys quickly but not as quickly as MEIWY.

New Essence product should come very soon into drugstores, most of the discontinued products are sold out and now we just have to wait. This is what I pick out from products on sale:

Quattro eyeshadow Chic-ify
Here are the pictures where you can see how it looks like. It is very pigmented and it will be great for every day use.

Color and go Absolutely Stylish nail polish
Beautiful brown polish with little bit of green glitter inside.

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