Monday, September 19, 2011

Nails of the day...and...fall is coming?

It is almost midnight and I am waiting Emmy Awards 2011 Red Carpet on E! which is starting in few minutes. I really love award shows, but as you may guess not because of awards I love it because of so many beautiful gowns that we can see on such events. Now I decided to make a blog post while I'm waiting. This is my first Nails of the day post and I think that I will have more posts like this in future...also I made some pretty pictures today and I want to show them to you :)

Here are my nails with Nivea Cherry Glace nail polish...summer is still here in Croatia so I am still wearing a lot of bright colors on my nails. Because I just love bright colors with sunny weather. I love this Nivea nail polish but I think that  this one is no longer in the stores because it i discontinued. What a shame!

Now I want to show you few pictures I made you can see the sky has a prefect blue color and there is almost no clouds. They say that next week fall is finally coming because with long summer such as this one you wish for colder days to come. I know that very soon I'm gonna miss these warm days but now I wish to pull all my cardigans and my scarves from my closet!


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