Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I won Sigma E25 eye blending brush at Natalie's BeautyLand!!!!

Lat night I came home, turned on my computer, made a new post for my blog...I was tired but I decided before I go to sleep I will take a look on some blogs that I follow. One of those blogs is Natalie's BeautyLand. Natalie recently had a Sigma giveaway, I entered few weeks ago...and list night I found out that I am a winner!!!! I am so happy about that, this is my first giveaway win :) You can see my prize on the pictures. Isn't it great???  The thing that is very interesting is that for last few days I am preparing to order online some new brushes because I desperately need them...blending brush is one of them and now I got this one thanks to Natalie's giveaway :))
As soon as my prize arrives to my home address I will show it to you!

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