Sunday, September 4, 2011

Catrice nail polishes: I wear my sunglasess at night and Purplelized

I wear my sunglasess at night is black nail polish with colorful glitter in it. When you look at it at natural light you can barely see the glitter, you can only see that there is something. When you look at it on the light you can see beautiful delicate glitter. I wish that glitter is more visible because the main reason I bought this nail polish is the glitter. The neon lights in drugstore fooled me once again, you know how all the makeup looks different in drugstore light...all the colors are more visible and they always look perfect but once you move the eyeshadow, nail polish or anything else from that light you see the difference. Even though everybody knows that time to time I ignore it...  Now back to I wear my sunglases at night nail polish, even though I was little bit disappointed with the color I think that I will wear this nail polish when I wish little bit of dark color on my nails. The bottle contains 10 ml of product and is easy to apply.
Purplelized is metallic purple with a lot shimmer. This one also has 10 ml of product inside the bottle and it is easy to apply too. The color is very nice. Look at the pictures below to see it colser! 

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