Thursday, September 15, 2011

Essence Urban Messages It Peace lipstick

Few days ago I saw Urban Messages collection and the only thing that I got is the coral lipstick. It is called It Peace. For some unknown reason the name of this shade of lipstick isn't marked anywhere on the find the name I had to go on official Essence web page. The color of this lipstick is very pretty and warm, when you apply it on your lips it is very comfortable, feels like you have lip balm on. First time when I tried it was daytime, I looked myself in a mirror I was very satisfied with the way it looked. The color was very pretty and bright but last night when I was going out I figured that It Peace would looked great with the rest of my makeup. So I applied it but it was barely visible. It was very weird.  No matter  how many layers I put on the result was the same. This morning I wanted to try it again to see how will it look...bright and beautiful again. Only thing that I can conclude from all of this is that this is shade for daytime...I will try it again tonight because this is first time for me that something like this happens. After all this I wouldn't recommend you to buy this product because I would never buy this lipstick again. I would wear it time to time but I don't thing it would be anywhere near my favorite lipsticks. 


  1. Weird thing, it has never happened to me. But since it's comfortable you can use it in the mornings as lip balm ;)

  2. I had it on again tonight and it looked I really don't know what is going on with this lipstick...But yes it is very comfortable and I will wear it time to time.


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