Tuesday, September 13, 2011

True blood end of Season 4

True blood Season 4 ended last Sunday. I will try to tell you what I think about this season without spoilers...because I really hate them and I don't want to ruin anything for those of you that still haven't seen new episodes. Opinions about this season of True blood are diverse. Some people loved the season, some hated it. I am somewhere in between...don't hate but I can't say that I love it eater. Beginning of the season was...well not what I expected to be but I liked it because it was fun, it was very relaxing for me to watch episode of True blood. Then as the episodes were going on I had a feeling that nothing much is happening, I think that you can easily describe first part of the season in two sentences. Second part of the season was better, even though there were many story lines that didn't had anything in common with main story line....makes me think are those stories and characters necessary?? Other thing that I dislike about this season is that some cliffhangers from Season 3 finale are barely mentioned, they just ignored some stories. In Season 4 finale there are again several cliffhangers and I wonder are they gonna be ignored in season 5 as well. Anyway, True blood maybe isn't the way it was in first two seasons but still it's different then so many other TV shows and I always like to watch it.  Season 4 finale was one of the best episodes this season and everything what happened  makes me eager to see True blood next summer.

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