Saturday, March 22, 2014

Essence Heart Explosion and Glitz & Glam

Today I have two new Essence nail polishes. They are from new Essence range and they are two new effects: sparkling sugar and glitter jewels. Both look very pretty and beside these two there are few other colors that I like so some of the will probably end up in my collection as well :)

Here they are Heart Explosion and Glitz & Glam side by side.

Heart Explosion is beautiful glittery red with "sugar" effect which is something in between glitter and sand finish. The color is very pretty, the best thing is that is great for any time of year because it is classic color with a twist which makes it interesting.

Glitz & Glam is nail polish you can wear alone or as a top coat over any other color. The color of hex glitter is pink and it is mixed with green micro glitter. When you wear it alone it looks delicate but it is something people will notice and if you want to combine it with other colors you can do whatever comes to your mind. Here is how it looks over dark purple, purple and orange. For now I prefer it alone :)

Did you tried new Essence nail polishes?

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