Friday, March 14, 2014

Empty #13

Loreal Elvital Color Glanz conditioner - another empty bottle of my usual conditioner.

Loreal Elvital Total Repair Extreme - I tried this one for the first time. I love Loreal shampoos because they do what they say if I use them regularly but with this one I can't really say does it work because I don't know if I used it for 2 or 3 times in a row. However, it is a good product.

Essence Ice Ice Baby hand balm - At the beginning of the year my hand skin was extremely dry - like never before...this baby helped a lot to get it in normal shape. I used this one and Avon Care hand cream and things got way better.

Avon Naturals Red Rose & Peach body whip - my cousin gave me this one because she hated the smell and the texture of this thing. I love both the smell and the texture - at least at the beginning. I still like the smell ( I got entire face line only because of that :D ) but the texture became annoying with time. It is just like whip cream and it was so cool when I started using it but later I wished it was a regular lotion. Regardless it is a very good product, it absorbs really quickly and makes my skin soft..and smells really, really nice!

p2 Perfect Face make up base Illuminate Me! - I love this product but unfortunately they don't sell p2 in Croatia. If I have a chance I will definitely buy it again!

Essence I Love Extreme mascara - This is extremely popular Essence mascara and it deserves all the attention it has. It makes even my lashes long and curved which is for most mascaras mission impossible. I usually don't go back to any mascara because there is always something new I want to try but I believe I will repurchase this one.

Essence Stay Natural concealer 02 Soft Sand - This conealer comes in really small packing of only 1,5 ml but I still love it and I already have new one.

Balea fce wipes - like so many times before again in my Empty post :)

Between two photos in this post I moved so I have few more empty products from my old house. Please ignore Catrice liquid foundation because this one repeats from Empty #12.

Aveo liquid soap - I like Aveo products but I don't like most of their scents, when I find the one that I like I usually repurchase it few times. This one smells great.

Balea Cream shower gel Mango butter and pineapple - beautiful scent and nice creamy texture! Shame it is a limited edition!

Balea deospray - another limited edition product in pretty package, surprisingly I loved the quality too. Few years ago I tried Balea deospray and I didn't like it at all so this one was like a little test to see if something is changed. Since I like it very much I will probably buy more Balea deos in future.

Essence nail polish remover - another bottle is gone :)

Loreal mini conditioner - I always have these mini conditioners around and I love them.

That's it for now! Did you tried any of these products? What is in your empties?

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