Thursday, March 20, 2014

Winter 2014 favorites

Avon Care hand cream - this hand cream is not only in cutest packing ever it is also one of my favorite hand creams ever. Few years ago I was using it all the time and for some reason I stopped. Now I'm sure I'm gonna go back to it because it is really great. This winter my hands were dry like never before and when I started using this cream I saw the difference and my skin very quickly went back to normal shape.

Lush Lemony Flatter - cuticle butter that can be used for dry skin anywhere on your body. I even use it for my dry ends and it works great.

Catrice Fresh Demand - I have this since the summer and I haven't use it very often until one day few moths ago. I fell in love with it and started using it every single day! 

Essence Stay Natural 02 Soft Sand - I usually use concealer under my eyes and this one is really good for that! I only wish for bigger packing.

Avon Super Shock gel eyeliner - I wanted to try this for such a long time and now I think I should order another one just because I don't want to be without it anymore. Great product! 


  1. Avon Super Shock gel eyeliner is really awesome, the only one that stays in my waterline!

  2. I really like avon super shock maskara. this cream is so lovely :))

  3. some great items must have a look, please look at my blog, its new

  4. Lemony Flush is my holy grail product, it definitely saved my cuticles. :D


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