Saturday, March 8, 2014

Catrice Luxury Lacquers: Glitterama & Sandhopper

When I saw Catroce Luxury Lacquers press photos I thought it will be impossible to choose only few but yesterday when I saw them in my local drugstore I bought only two. One glitter Glitterama and one sand finish Sandhopper. Both are green which proves that I'm still in green nail polish mood.

I only tried them on my two nails just to see how they look. Between the two Sandhopper is my favorite, the color is beautiful and it has full opacity with two coats. Whilst Glitterama works better as a topper and I really wish that it looks exactly the same on my nails as it looks in the bottle. This way it will be fun to combine it with other polishes and colors but I'm sure Sandhopper will be my go to Spring and Summer nail polish.

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