Saturday, December 27, 2014

New in - October, November and December 2014

I was pretty modest last few months. As you can see in last 3 months I didn't get  a lot of beauty products. I have huge stash of shower gels and body lotion so I hope to use up at least half of my stash until I start to buy more. I did however get two Balea shower gels White Passion and Purple Kisses but that's it. I also have Today deo spray which I never tried before.

Now I have few products that I already told you about. To find out more about Essence Yes, We Pop! Bubble Gum and Pop Love click here ...

...if you are interested in Essence Best Pop, Essence Best Female or Essence Walk In The Park click here ...

Essence Mountain Calling products are here, Catrice Floral OrnARTment is here. I bought one new nail polish and I didn't tried it yet Essence Live, Laugh And Party

I managed to keep myself from body lotions but I couldn't get away from hand balms. Here I have Cherry & Coconut, Vanilla & Cinnamon and Meet Me @ Ski Lounge. I love them all but my favorite is the one from Mountain Calling TE.

Did you tried any of these products?


  1. Essence Mountain Calling puder mi je prekrasan, iako sam tek nedavno uzela all about matt kompakt, mislim da nema neke razlike, ali eto preslatko je pakiranje :D Ove godine izlazi od Catricea loose translucent puder, to me baš zanima. Sve mi se sviđa samo što ja rijetko kad dobijem novu essence kolekciju u mome malome gradu :/ Ambalaža kremica je baš <3

    1. Ja sam planirala kupiti All about matt ali ovo je uletjelo prije, i ja mislim da je riječ o istom proizvodu.


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