Friday, December 19, 2014

History of wedding dresses

Nowadays in western culture it is completely normal to see white wedding dress. Last week I was writing about bridal trends and it got me thinking of the history of wedding dress and how it all started. As you can guess the wedding dress wasn't always white and it definitely wasn't as important to brides as today. Today we have the whole wedding industry and multiple choices for everything. Hundreds years ago wedding represented union of two families and the dress for the wedding was usually the best dress bride had. Most of time it wasn't new and the color wasn't important but very often it was darker color. If the dress was new then it was something bride could wear again or with wealthier families something that could represent their social status. 

Like today royals had a lot to do with wedding trends. First documented princess who wore white at the wedding was Philippa Of England in 1402, but the one who made white wedding dress popular was Queen Victoria at 1840. Photograph of the wedding was widely published and white dress quickly became first choice for brides. In 20th century style of wedding dress represented current fashion, in 1960's it became popular to wear long dresses and that retained until today. It is interesting that popular belief that white dress represents virginity and purity is wrong, that used to be color blue.

Today whole concept of weddings has changed and evolved. There are many choices and as the fashion changes the dress changes a bit as well. White, long dress still remains most popular but brides can choose any style they want. Pop culture, royal weddings have high influence on trends in weddings. Trough the years there were so many beautiful dresses worn by celebrities that look timeless and they are inspiration of many even now when there are so many options. Sometimes it is good to look at history and find classics to get some inspiration and maybe Vintage wedding dress is a good choice to find that one special dress. If you want to find more dresses like the one bellow check out DresseStylist.

Now let's look at other cultures for a little bit. First dress that comes to my mind is Indian wedding dress. Luxury of colors and details. In past the dress was traditional red sari and it was made of silk. Later woman expanded the choice of color as well as material. Same thing happened in other Eastern cultures like Chinese, Pakistan and Vietnam. Traditional red dress is not only option any more. Japanese weddings involve white traditional white kimono.

What do you think about vintage wedding dresses?


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