Saturday, December 6, 2014

Feel good post

Sometimes it is hard to find inspiration to do anything...

pretty pictures can help, at least to me.

Sometimes change can hit you hard, no matter how good it is. It is so strange to feel like stranger for such a long time...but it is so good when everything goes back to normal...or to my new normal.

I miss books, it's been months since a read a book. There is something truly special abut whole new world that reading can give you. I hope my book pause will end soon!

Christmas is around the corner and I can't wait. I adore everything about Christmas. The lights, family together, the smell of Christmas and the tree...


  1. prva i zadnja fotka su mi prekrasne :D
    nadam se da ćeš što skorije uhvatiti vremena za sebe i za knjige :D


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