Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Catrice Viennart Floral OrnARTment blush

I am big fan of Catrice blushers. I have a lot of blushers but there is always at least one Catrice blush that I'm using. They never disappoint me. When I saw Vieannart press photos I knew that the powder blush will be product that I should check out in person. So I did that and decided that I should go home with gorgeous Floral OrnARTment.

The package is standard Catrice limited edition with 6 g of product. There are two colors, lighter and darker and for me they work best when I mix them together. The blush has matte finish. It is easy to apply it, I like to use big blush brush for this one because it blends it better then smaller brush and because of high pigmentation of darker color in the blush that is important.

Now let's look at the swatches. First you can see darker and lighter color and then two colors together...

...and two colors together little bit closer:

I said I own few Catrice blushers and here are three of them that look similar so here they are side by side and we can see that even though they are very close they are not the same.

What is your favorite powder blush?

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