Thursday, December 25, 2014

Themed wedding

I live in Croatia and most weddings here are traditional. Those who want to escape the tradition they often opt for small weddings. Rarely you can see themed weddings. I was at million weddings in my life but I was never at themed wedding. I hope I will have a chance to attend it some time because that is something that could be interesting to experience. People mostly choose traditional weddings but if you want something different and you want to stand out theme wedding is a great idea.

There are so many ways to do it. You can make it simple and just get the color theme or go bigger and get the theme with location, color, dress code...But even only small detail can change everything, so if you have something of your own go for it. My wedding was in winter but if it was it in summer I would definitely had sunflowers everywhere. That was my long time wish but it wasn't working at winter. This way I had my hot pink roses and they were perfect too :)

Here are some ideas for themed wedding!
Every detail makes a difference, even if it is something only you and your other half understand and it has meaning for two of you. Like a certain place or even a date. We are at holiday season right now and these days it would be cool to have Christmas or winter wonderland themed wedding. Beautiful red decoration and ornaments come to my mind immediately, as well as snow, ice, silver and white. For other seasons you can easily get fantastic results with only few details. Daisies or sunflowers for the summer, leafs and fruit for fall and green and colorful flowers for spring.

Location can play a good role in themed wedding. If you are in castle in my mind that is beautiful vintage dress and lots of luxury details. On the other hand if you are on the island it is perfect for beach wedding. Laid back Beach wedding dresses and relaxed atmosphere. 
You can get inspired by a color. You can choose a color and make all the details in one or two colors. Sometimes there is a dress code so everyone is in the same color. It could be difficult for the guests but it has great effect.

If you are not satisfy with having only small details you can go big and have completely different wedding and make it your own. People are often inspired by movies or books ( like Titanic or The Great Gatsby which is very popular lately, Wizard Of Oz, Alice In Wonderland ), by time period ( it would be so fun to attend 70's inspired wedding ) , or maybe with some video game or superheroes. What ever it is the choice is yours. 
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What do you think about themed weddings?



  1. I will definitely have a themed wedding, just havent quite figured it out yet.. :))) kiss


  2. Tematska vjenčanja su mi prekrasna i maštovita :D Ja neznan kako ću, ali ću pokušat kroz tadicionalno dalmatinsko vjenčanje provuć crtu moga omiljenog benda :D


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