Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bridal trends

When it comes to weddings, that is the topic everyone has think of at some point. Some people want it big, some want it small and some people don't want it at all. I can easily put myself into wedding lover category. I imagined and thought of weddings million times in my life, especially when I was a little girl. One thing was always most important - the dress. Fashion changes really quickly so question for brides is what to choose, modern or traditional wedding dress. I say it is best to find it somewhere in the middle. I want to look at my wedding album years later and still be in love with my dress ( and with my love as well, I can't forget about him of course ). 

Every country or region has their own customs and traditions. Fashion trends change very quickly but one thing always managed to stay beyond trend and survive different customs around the world . The color - white dress. Yes, some colors emerged a bit at least with few little details but first choice remains white. You can find many ivory dresses as well but to me choice was clear, only white dress nothing else. Usually I love colors and I like to spice things up a little bit but when it comes to wedding dress and color I am very traditional. I would rather be on trend with the silhouette, material or details. 

Last few years everything is about lace, ruffles and even though princess dresses are still very popular, lately there are more and more mermaid dresses. Probably most important thing is to find something that fits and flatters your body and something that makes you feel special. 

Corset dresses are also still here but one shoulder dresses are getting more popular as well as sheer illusion which I love very, very much. Mine wedding dress had sheer illusion in front and back and it made everything more interesting and I didn't need any kind of necklace because sheer detail in front was perfect the way it was. Also little bit of sheer in the back can give you sexy back and be elegant in same time. I also seen dresses with long sleeve which look so beautiful and elegant especially if there is lace involved. ( It is all because of you Kate Middleton!! ). After our little sum up if you want to see more check out DresseStylist and wedding dresses 2015 UK

What do you think about wedding dresses and trends? Are you modern or traditional?

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  1. I'm a wedding lover too but somehow I don't dream about mine that much. I just love to attend someone else's. :D When I start to imagine my own wedding dress I get a little bit torn apart, because part of me would like to wear something a bit crazy, unconventional and over the top, but that might make me look stupid and I'm a bit of a shy person. So probably I would end up choosing something safe and sophisticated. And since I don't consider myself so young anymore, princess dresses are definitely out of the question. :D


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