Friday, December 28, 2012

Random #6

It has been very long time since my last random post but it seams that this holiday time is perfect time for one. 

I didn't get much Christmas gifts this year but I did get new J.K.Rowling book which made me happy more then anything!! I've been little bit lazy with reading lately but I think there will be no problem about reading this book in few days. It will be so weird reading something by J.K. Rowling that is not Harry Potter related.

Yesterday I went to a local mall and even though I wasn't thinking about nail polishes I suddenly saw these beauties. All Golden Rose Jolly Jewels look aaaamazing, I got these two for now:

Look how pretty they are:

Another thing that I love is Balea Young shower gels, it is a shame that they are limited edition!! I think I would buy these even if I didn't like how they smell...fortunately I love them!

Since I'm obsessed with chocolate scent lately and I managed to lose every single lip balm that I own I bought Balea Sweet Wonderland. It has a nice smell but I'm not impressed with quality. It actually dries my lips and I should probably reapply it every five minutes.


  1. Lijepih stvari kod tebe :)) Sve najbolje u novoj godini!!

  2. krasne stvarčice :D
    imam i ja knjigu, još čeka na čitanje ;)

  3. Replies
    1. U Osijeku u Portanovi, osim tamo stvarno ne znam gdje se još mogu kupiti.


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