Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 2012 favorites

Balea shower gel and body lotion chocolate and fig fruit - I am in love with these two products. I love the smell so, so much. At first it was little bit too strong but now I'm completely obsessed with it. 

Essence 24 hand protection balm Caramel Hot Chocolate - One more chocolate scent, I love this one a lot. During winter hand balms / creams are a must for me and this one is really good.

Catrice The Paris Collection eyeshadow palette - I got this palette as a gift and even though I immediately loved it very much I thought that it will be left aside...but this was a palette that I used almost every day since I got it. Perfect palette for everyday makeup look!

p2 Appeltini lip balm - Great product, I love everything about this cute little thing!

Essie nail polishes - I tried Essie nail polishes for the first time this month. For now I have two and I like both very much. They are not just pretty colors, they last up to four days on my nails which is a miracle in my case.

p2 Sheer Glam lipstick Fame! - Beautiful lipstick, very soon I will post swatches and short review. 

Manhattan soft mat lose powder Natural - Great product, something I would recommend to anyone!

Did you tried any of these products? Tell me your favorites!


  1. Meni se vise svidjela visnja/badem, ali zato mi se sad jako svidja ova nova Balea Sweet Wonderland, cista cokolada :-) taj Manhattan puder u prahu mi je u upotrebi vec godinu dana i jako sam zadovoljna njime, takodje je i moj favorit i to na godisnjem nivou :-)

  2. I like Essie polishes, they are not cheap but the latest collections are to die for! Plus, they don't get thick even after a lot or usage. And guess what? I won the Catrice Paris palette on a giveaway! yay! It's among my favs too now :D

    1. Enjoy your Paris palette, I know you said you can't get it anywhere in Greece :)


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