Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Essence Knits For Chicks blush swatch

Essence Home Sweet Home trend edition was the one of those Essence TE that I skipped but somehow two items from the collection found a way towards me. This time it was my boyfriend and I can't say I'm sad about it :D I got adorable knitted makeup bag Knitted With Love and Knits For Chicks blush. I wore it several times and here is my impression! First I have to say that it looks really cute with two colors and "knitted" pattern. One color is light pink and the other is darker burgundy color. Pink can be easily used alone if you want to make it neutral but if you use both colors or you concentrate more on burgundy you have to be very careful because it is really strong and you can end up with intensive red cheeks like me the first time I used it. You only need small amount of product to get really pretty look. The color looks very nice and it is really great winter color.
My collection of blushes is unexpectedly getting bigger and I will try to keep myself from buying new, it will be very hard because I already have my eye on Catrice Siberian Call blushes. It seams like I replaced my lip gloss obsession with blush obsession...or maybe I just added another one :D That would probably be more precise. What are your beauty related obsessions?

Pink blush:

 Burgundy blush:

Both colors combined:


  1. Zelim!! Mozda nekad u buducnosti stgne do nas..

  2. Meni se iz te kolekcije najvise svidja berry ruz i to rumenilo. Za rumenilo sam odlucila da ih vec imam previse, tako da sma kuci dosla samo sa ruzem i divan mi je :-)

  3. Very sweet! I love the print on the knit and the blush is really cute! I'm developing a nasty little lipstick habit, it could turn into an obsession quickly :(


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