Saturday, December 1, 2012

Preview: Essence TE Snow Jam

Another Essence preview!! Trend Edition called Snow Jam is coming in January / February 2013. This one contains: eyeshadow sorbets, jumbo duo eye pencil, lip balms, nail polishes, hand balm and nail file set. My favorites are definitely two blue nail polishes...and hand balm, if I see it in person I know it will be mine. I love those Essence limited edition hand balms :)
Do you like this trend edition? Which one do you prefer Snow Jam or Vintage District? 

Life Is Freeride

Lilac Is My Style

Top Of The Ice-Stream

Let's Hit The Slope; Petrol Snow-Queen

Lilac Is My Style; Goofy-Blue

Goofy-Blue; Lilac Is My Style

Life Is A Freeride; Top Of The Ice-Stream

Snow Jam 24 hand protection balm

Snowboard-Girls Rock!


  1. hmm this collection looks very nice, especially the eyes jumbo pencils if they are eyes jumbo pencils :DD

    1. They don't look that jumbo on these pictures but hopefully the will be :D

  2. Blue polishes from this collection are also my favourites from promo photos. We'll see, how it will look in person. Then I'll decide, if I want something else too. Blue lipbalm looks quite interesting ...

  3. E, ovo im je vec totalno bezveze. Mogli su bez ove kolekcije, bas je nekako kao ono- e, ajde da izbacimo bilo sta novo:-)


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