Saturday, December 8, 2012

Back from Germany!

I came back home from Germany few days ago. I'm finally completely unpacked and everything is on it's place. I had a great time and I hope to repeat the trip soon. I didn't take much pictures but I have a few and I want to share them with you! I did some shopping while I was there and I hope I will take some  pictures in next few days so you can see it! 

I had a great time in Stuttgart... amazing city!

Christmas is everywhere, I love all decorations...

If you come to Germany before Christmas, Weihnachtsmarkt is inevitable!

Great thing when you travel is enjoying food without feeling guilty :))

Another thing that is inevitable in Germany is the rain...but it didn't matter...

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  1. Super fotke :) Uvijek je lijepo negdje otputovati :)

  2. Oh you were in Germany too! :) We were in Munich 10 days ago. :)

    Love the Christmas trees on the pic. :)

  3. Great pictures, it looks like a beautiful country. Hope you had a fantastic time! :)x

  4. odlične su fotke,bitno je da si uzivala


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