Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Awesome prize from My Perfect Lounge giveaway

A month ago there was a themed giveaway on My Perfect Lounge, a blog that I follow and check out regularly. The theme of giveaway was 70's. If you want to see my entry click here. I never participated in giveaway like this where you have to "do something" for the prize but it is definitely something I want to repeat. It was fun experience, mostly because it was a such fun theme so I could just put million colors on my nails and I was so happy when I realized that I was among winning girls.  Now let's look at what I got! When I came home few days ago package was waiting for me and there was: nail stickers, nail art stars, two nail polishes and a bow ring witch unfortunately didn't survive the shipping...I will keep it aside for a while, until I figure out it's new purpose. Since I love bows, I will definitely use it  it could be great decoration peace.

Here is closer look to the rest: red nail stickers and golden nail art stars. Stars will be great for holiday manis and I can't wait to use. Red nail stickers look really pretty, when I use these that will be my first experience with sticker like these so that should be interesting too :)

Next are two Malena nail polishes. These two are my first Malena products and I'm really glad that I able to try them. 

Yesterday I applied number 14 on my nails. Gorgeous shimmery red which also has loads of silver glitter. I love this color, it is really pretty especially for this time of year. For full opacity I applied 2 coats. 

Second nail polish that I got is number 2, the color is black. This one will also serve me well especially for nail art because that is when I use black nail polishes the most.

I hope you like everything in this post as much as I do, I want to thank My perfect Lounge once again. Thank you for great giveaway and a prize.  


  1. Aa..pa morali su nesto da slome. Bolje prsten nego lakove :))
    Ove nalepnice su mi spas kad moram brzo da se sredim. Lepe se lako i ne prave mehurice ali traju 2-3 dana najvise :( Bar su deep purple toliko trajale ..

  2. jeeeeee, čestitam :D
    šteta što je prsten stradao :(

  3. You can never have too much nail polish! Congratulations, your entry looks gorgeous :)x

  4. Steta za prsten, zavidim ti na lakovima! *___________*


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