Thursday, February 11, 2016

Winter favorites 2016

Dove Original deo spray - after very long time I finally bought my all time favorite deo spray! I think it is time for me to stop exploring other options.

Ebelin nail polish remover - I don't know is this remover that good  or my last remover ( Essence Superheroes ) was that bad but I love it and I'm definitely going to repurchase it.

Afrodita Almond hand cream - I didn't plan to buy this Afrodita hand cream but I was in drugstore and my hands were very dry so I picked up this one. I'm glad I did because it is very good. I need small amount which soaks in very quickly and smells great. I will probably repurchase it!

Essence You Sweeten My Day - this is one of those products that didn't trill me at first but after I used it more I loved it. This is only blush I'm using last few months. My post. 

Catrice Velvet Finish liquid foundation - my favorite Catrice foundation. Here is my post. Unfortunately I'm not sure if it is still available but I know that they don't sell it in Croatia so if I don't find it anywhere anymore it will be a shame.

Tangle Teezer brush - one of my best buys ever! Brusinh my hair is finally easy. Here is my review.

Is any of these products in your favorites?

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