Monday, February 8, 2016

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte: Magnetic Magenta and Red Sunset

When I first saw Maybelline Color Sensational Matt lipsticks I knew they will have to be mine. The colors were beautiful and Maybelline lipsticks are among my favorites so I knew I can't go wrong with it. I picked up two colors Magnetic Magenta and Red Sunset. Mostly because I love bright lipsticks and they are usually my natural pick :)

Two lipsticks that I have are like I said very beautiful and bright. It is easy to apply them and they don't dry out my lips. They even feel like I have lip balm on my lips. Like any matte lipstick you have to make sure that your lips are in good state before you apply this lipstick because it is easy to see any flows. If your lips are dry make sure you moisturize them before applying these lipsticks.  

Both Magnetic Magenta and Red Sunset are long lasting, so they can survive if you eat and drink but as always it is best to reapply them after a while. If you you don't plan to eat or drink they will look great for about 4-5 hours, they will lose intensity after that but they will still look good.

The colors are truly gorgeous. Magnetic Magenta is bright magenta that can spice up any makeup look as well as Red Sunset. Red Sunset is not your classic red, it has coral red tone that is really pretty. I say perfect color for summer!

Did you tried Maybelline Color Sensational Matte lipsticks?


  1. the red sunset color is beautiful!

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