Monday, July 28, 2014

Balea body lotions, butters and creams in my stash

If you check out stash of any girl or a woman in this part of the world you can be sure that you will find at least one Balea product. Balea is a brand sold only in DM drugstores. With DM who is one of most popular drugstores and always attractive and budget friendly Balea it is easily one of our favorite brands. Balea has huge range of products so anyone can find something to try and something to love. One of most appealing things about Balea is that there is always something new, low price and pretty looking products that always smell so good.Today I will show you body lotions, body cream and body butter currently in my stash.

I have few body lotions, all of them are limited edition. Like I said all of them look pretty and smell amazing so I rarely skip on them. I usually use one until it is gone and then open a new one. This way I can actually use them up, if I would use all of them in same time I could have them forever. So right now I have four tube body lotions. All of them have the same texture. They are only a bit thinner then the usual body lotion but doesn't make them less good. They absorb to the skin very quickly. Each tube contains 200 ml. Only lotion that is a bit different from the bunch is Summer Glam which is shimmery lotion, click here to find out more!

Here are two Balea Young body lotions that I have left. Each contains 500 ml of product. Unfortunately it seems that Balea discontinued this line of body lotions and shower gels.

Balea Kakao body butter is one of my favorite Balea products. Before I had this one I tried only one Balea body butter and it was limited edition. I was so happy when I saw that they have it again in new package. The texture of body butter is thick just like you are looking at real butter. You need small amount because it works really well especially if you have dry skin. This butter really helps that your skin looks and feels better. The smell is pretty strong so if you don't like chocolate smell you better skip it but if you do this is made for you! It contains 200 ml.

The last product I have today is classic Balea body cream. Sometimes I like to use products without strong scents that actually smell just like you would imagine classic cream to smell. This one is like that. It is moisturizing and it absorb quickly. It contains 250 ml.

Here is a pic of lotion, cream and butter side by side:

Now when I writing this I have two more lotions that are on my wishlist. I will try to get them soon because they are in stores for a while.

What is your favorite Balea body product? How big is your stash??

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  1. balea je super, dijelimo ljubav prema istoj :D


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