Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Love...body lotion and body butter

Recently I posted about I Love shower creams and now is time to tell you something about two more I Love... products that I own. I have I Love Raspberry & Blackberry body lotion and Vanilla & Almond body butter.

I Love...Raspberry & Blackberry body lotion is the one I'm using almost every day right now. It has beautiful fruity smell and it is moisturizing. The texture is really nice, not too dense nor too thin. It is easy to apply it and it soaks into skin really quickly even though it leaves white mark first minute or so and it looks like it will never soak in. My skin smells really good after I use this lotion but just like their shower creams the scent doesn't last very long time on the skin and that is the worst side of this product. On the other hand good part is like I said the smell itself, application and my favorite thing right now: practical packaging with the pump. After I use up this bottle ( witch contains 250 ml ) I doubt I will buy I Love body lotion again. The reason is because I have so many body lotions in my stash that wait to be used and there are so many different brands and scents I would love to try so this isn't so special that I "need" come back to it. Maybe if I find something that smells that good that I can't skip it.

I Love...Vanilla & Almond body butter is part of limited edition and I got it together with mini size shower cream. This body butter comes in a pot and contains 50 ml of product. I adore the smell, that alone would be a reason for me to buy this product again. Unlike body lotion, body butter has more benefits. The skin smells amazing, it lasts little bit longer and it is more nurturing to your skin. Another thing about it that I love is that it is shimmery. I prefer shimmery body products in summer so this is something I will reach for very often.

Did you tried I Love...products? What do you think about their body lotions and body butters?

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