Friday, July 11, 2014

♥ It's a girl ♥

I'm back for a quick post to tell you that I'm on a little blogging pause. The reason for that is little girl who is new member of our family. Today she is exactly 2 weeks old. She is beautiful, healthy and in this short period of time she brought to us so much happiness. 
I'm not sure when will I come back to regular posting but I do have some posts that are pre written so I will start with those and eventually I will start posting and writing more.

If you have any suggestions or questions fell free to write it down in comments. 


  1. Congratulations!
    Maybe your all time favorite movies, tv shows?

  2. čestitam, svako dobro vam želim objema :*

  3. Cestitam, puno srece i zdravlja zelim, a postovi mogu malcice i pricekati. :-)

  4. Opa, pa čestitam! Malo vrtim starije postove koje sam propustila, ovaj je baš divan :) Puno sreće maloj mrvi želim!


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