Friday, June 7, 2013

The end of season: The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon A Time, Arrow and Chicago Fire

The Vampire Diaries

TVD was my favorite TV show for years but honestly this season wasn't something to remember. It was pretty annoying most of the time with few highlights.  Story just wasn't interesting anymore, at times I wasn't sure what is the deal with everything. The story was sloppy and it seemed like the writers are out of ideas and they don't know what to do next. Right when the story stopped being original it was announced that there is a possibility for a spin off - Originals, with original family as main focus. My first thought was Ooooh nooo! I mean, you don't know what you are doing with your main show and you want to make another one :/ But then I thought about it and started liking the idea. Originals take a lot of time, and they had their story in TVD and with them around main TVD characters look little bit lame. This way, with them gone TVD can go on with the story. Sometimes it seemed like they just stuck in season 3. With everything said, I didn't liked season 4 but I have to admit I got little bit of excitement back last two episodes. I don't know what it was...old characters coming back, Elena ( finally! ) coming to herself, Delena...I finally enjoyed episode of The Vampire Diaries and now you can guess that I really hope that they will be great again in season 5.

Once Upon A Time

My favorite new show of last season had a great start with season 2. As time gone by the quality dropped. The show was still good but not as great as first season. It is tricky with the show like this one  to connect the characters and stories but in the same time not to go too far. Also with so many fairy tales it is difficult to know where to stop. They did amazing job first season but in this season it got little bit crazy. Let's just mention Henry's family However, the season finale was interesting and I'm looking forward to season 3.


Arrow is one of new TV shows this season. I had big expectations but in the end this show turn out to be little bit flat. The start was really good but when we went further into the season all the down sides of the show came to attention. Island and present stories are divided and at times island stories are so much better then present story. Characters don't have a lot of chemistry and acting level isn't that high. Yes, everybody looks good but sometimes it just isn't enough. I don't know how will I feel about Arrow next season but I liked last 2-3 episodes, especially season finale. Maybe if they give more space to the real Queen of the show - Felicity. Then there will be no more doubt for me :)

Chicago Fire

When this show started back in September I was excited. With each episode I liked it more and more but then suddenly it got boring. I always felt like their is so much potential but I got bored almost every time. I feel like there is so much attention for things that really don't matter and that there should be more personal connection and interaction between the characters. Last few episodes when everything got little bit more connected it was so much better. I hope they will continue this way.

Do you watch any of these shows? Whic show do you recommend for me this summer?


  1. Eto mene :))
    Potpis na sve (s' tim da Arrow vise gledati necu). Nego cime popuniti rupu u pauzi izmedju zimskih i letnjih ? Predlog, brzo!!

    1. :))
      Ja već imam duži popis serija za gledanje, al prvo na popisu je Mistresses UK verzija. Krećem za koji dan!

    2. Odgledala prvu i vise mi se svidja UK tako da cu preskociti :))

  2. I agree about Arrow. The show became boring and I'm not going to watch next season.

  3. I watch only OUAT and I agree, second season wasn't so interesting. It started good, but then it became boring. In the middle there were some interesting episodes again, but then again meh. But the last episode was intereseting, I really want to know, what will happen in Neverland.

  4. vampirski dnevnici su mi dosadili, iskreno, ali gledam i dalje, a od ostatka navedenih ne gledam ništa više
    sad jedva čekam dextera i true blood :D


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