Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Color Club Gift Of Sparkle

Today I have a swatch of Color Club Gift Of Sparkle. I took these pictures months ago but I always end up posting something else. I actually wanted to post this one together with Color Club Glitter Wonderland but that one will be some other time because I still don't have decent photos and I already mentioned it here. Both polishes were part of Color Club collection Winter Affair. 

Gift Of Sparkle is wonderful purple base with purple and red micro and little bit bigger multicolored glitter. This one like the rest ( or at least the ones that I tried ) of Color Club Glitters have more subtle glitter that looks different in the bottle. In the bottle glitter looks holo but once you apply it on your nails it dries matte but it still sparkles through a little bit. To get more sparkle you need to apply a top coat but I prefer it just like you see on the photos, without  top coat. Application of Gift Of Sparkle was easy and I applied 2 coats for full opacity.  
Click on the pics to see the larger version :)

Gift Of Sparkle is the best for fall and winter but I think I could wear it in a few days because I'm looking at the bottle right now and it is truly beautiful! Do you like "winter" polishes in the summer?


  1. It's pretty. I'm more for bright colors in summer. ;)

  2. That is gorgeous! I definitely wear 'winter' colours in Summer, I like bright colours but I really love darks and glitters x


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