Monday, June 3, 2013

Preview: Essence TE Tribal Summer

Here is another preview from Essence. Trend Edition is called Tribal Summer and it will be available from July and August 2013. The collection contains: tip painter set, bronzing powder, lipstick, liquid blush, nail polishes, oil control paper, pigments and hair extensions.
I wasn't very excited about last few Essence TEs but I love this one. I can't wait to see it in person, I think I will pick up few things!

Aztec Ceremony

Inti Inka

Na-Rock; Waka Waka; Waka Waka

Ta-La-La;  Inti Inka

Tipy-Ya-Yeah; Na-Rock; Waka Waka

Matte Me Pacha Tulum

Waka Waka

Copper Earth

Inti Inka

Na Rock

Inka's Soul


  1. Ta-La-La lak mi se sviđa. Vidjet ću kakkav će biti uživo :). Bome štancaju te kolekcije :D

  2. Dobra LE, cini mi se da ce biti popularna. Pink ruz, tecno rumenilo,prvi lak mlijecno bez boje i takav pigment-po mom ukusu :-)

  3. Tip painteri, bronzer i rumenilo! Eeeek! Jedva čekam!


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