Saturday, June 29, 2013

New in - June 2013

I have a lot new products this month. Main reason is my trip to Germany.When I went to Germany I had few products on my wishlist but nothing too crazy. I was in control most of the time but in the end I had a lot new  beauty products! You know that feeling when you are not sure are you supposed to be excited or ashamed...haha. Anyway, here is what I got!

First thing I have here is Nyx Beauty To Go - The Ultimate Beauty Box. I'm excited about this one for sure, there is so much makeup in there. I will probably post swatches in next week or so.

I also went to Lush store and bought few things. Here I have bath bombs Sex Bomb and The Comforter and massage bar Soft Coeur. I will tell you more about these in separate post.

I have two I Love...products. I wanted to try it and there was great 2 for 1 deal so I picked up body lotion I Love...Raspberry & Blackberry and shower gel I Love Mango & Papaya. Here is also new Balea Young body lotion. 

Now the nail polishes. I always buy too much nail polish, this time was no different. On picture above I have H&M polishes which I picked up for the first time...

...and here I have bunch of other nail polish. I already blog about Sally Hansen Go BananasCatrice I'm A Survivor,  p2 Happy Bride and Heavenly Girl and Essie Madison Ave - Hue. You will see the rest very soon. They are Essie Boom Boom Room, Essie Bouncer It's Me, p2 Adorable, p2 Lovesome, p2 Seductive, p2 Illegal, Anny Blue Hypnosis and Born Pretty Store Cosmiss number 17.

I'm so in love with p2 Sheer Glam Fame that I wanted to try another color. I picked up French Kiss, very nice dark red. On your lips looks something like tinted lip balm.

Last two products are my usual Loreal Color Glanz shampoo and Avon AT Shine Serum. When I test Shine Serum little bit more I will post my review.

As you can see I got so many product this month, did you try any of it? Which one do you want to see first?


  1. ma sve na stranu, ali lakići su definitivno predobar ulov <3
    a kad ćeš nam pokazati 'beauty to go'?

    1. Nadam se sljedeći tjedan, moram još sve poslikat :)

  2. I really like that Avon Serum, I'm on my third bottle x I wish we could get P2 here, it looks like such a brilliant brand! Great haul, I'm always walking the fine line between shame and excitement when it comes to shopping ;-)

  3. Sve je tako divno i sareno. :D NAjvise me zanima sta ima u toj NYX kutiji. ^.-

  4. Amazing stuff, can't wait to see all swatches of nail polishes. :)


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